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Laurel dress - my french twist

Cyberspace is funny. I submitted my first contributing post to The Monthly Stitch today, and when I was ready to push the “publish” button, I became nervous, as if I’m about to launch a nuclear missile. Although I adore the dress I just made, it will by no means ignite the frenzy of a missile. Nonetheless, I hope it creates a few sparks for some of you and inspire you to join me in this challenge.

The contest I entered is a dress challenge sponsored by The Monthly Stitch. Make a dress using a pattern from an independent sewing company. I used an old favorite, the Laurel dress #1025 by Colette Patterns. You can read the post I submitted here.

Laurel dress - my french twist

The dress is fresh, flirty, and easy to make! I used some fabric I had on hand, Rowan Victoria & Albert Museum – Bromley Arbor. I made the sleeve cuffs and a wide border hem from lightweight chambray. I love the organic feel of the chambray paired with the sophisticated, Persian influence of the fabric design. I also added some raw-edge flowers made from torn strips of fabric to give it a little Boho touch.

Laurel dress - my french twist

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