french-inspired desserts for valentine’s day

valentine's day desserts

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I want to try my hand at some creative & yummy desserts. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites, and I’m pondering which one to make. They’re all so lovely! And even though my French hubby argues that Valentine’s Day is not nearly as popular in France as it is here in the States, I think a French dessert would be a perfect choice.

valentine macarons

You can never go wrong serving macarons. Making them, however, may be a different story. But this recipe from Whisk and Wander makes my mouth water and seems to be easy to follow.

madeleines for valentines

Finally, a recipe for these traditional French cookies adapted to U.S. ingredients. Thank you for this recipe, Lavende & Lemonade! Yes, Madeleines for Valentine’s. 

valentine's day desserts

french almond friands

These may not be authentically French, but the “French almond” description caught my interest. Plus, they look so lovely for Valentine’s Day. Check out the recipe from New River Restaurant

valentine's day desserts

gourmet tarte

The French are known for their classic fruit tartes, but this gourmet tarte made with seasonal fruits by Marie Claire Idees is one of the loveliest I’ve seen. 

valentine's day desserts

fresh berry trifle

Not only is this dessert from Making Life Blissful mouth-watering just to look at it, the artist in me is drawn to its beauty. Plus, it gives me a chance to use my new mini heart-shaped cookie/vegetable cutter. (I’ve been dying to use it!) Wouldn’t little heart-shaped strawberries along the sides look adorable?

valentine's day desserts

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valentine's day desserts

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