handmade christmas 2017

handmade christmas challenge 2017 - myfrenchtwist.com

For the last 2 years, I’ve challenged my readers to a Handmade Christmas. Why? Because there’s something magical about rolling up your sleeves, filling your kitchen with smells of sweet confections, and filling your home with hand crafted gifts. Little pieces of yourself that are offered up in love.

My 2015 Handmade Christmas Challenge was all about choosing a theme and making lists, with tutorials for a bohemian felt tree skirt, a sprawling miniature village, and a looking glass pinecone wreath. My 2016 challenge took a more minimalist approach, with ideas for fashioning a giant advent calendar from a dropcloth, and simple tree trimming with funky snowbirds for a Florida holiday.

This year’ handmade Christmas, however, is all about CONNECTING. Getting back to what really matters – the people in your life. Don’t worry, there’s still a little funk thrown in and absolutely no traditional red & green color schemes. Let’s step outside the box, shall we?