how to fold a heart shaped napkin

valentine's tablescape

With Valentine’s Day approaching, what better trick to learn than how to fold a napkin into a sweet heart shape. These would also be a fun touch for an anniversary dinner or bridal shower. 

step 1

(1) After laying the napkin flat, fold one side up to form a triangle shape.  (2) Bring the bottom right corner up to the top point, as shown in figure 2.  (3) Bring the bottom left corner up to the top point, as shown in figure 3.

heart shaped napkin

step 2

(4) Fold the top edge of the left side’s upper layer under.  (5) Repeat for the right side. 

heart shaped napkin

step 3

(6) Now carefully flip the napkin over to the back side.  (7) Fold the top two layers down, as shown in figure 7.  (8) Flip the napkin back over the the front, and you will see the heart shape.

heart shaped napkin

Simple, right? But it adds a powerful punch to any romantic table setting.

valentine's tablescape

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