macrame tabletop christmas tree

macrame tabletop tree -

Christmas accessories have come a long way since the silver icicles and tinsel garland of my childhood. And it’s a good thing. Aside from the cunning Elf on the Shelf (he scares me), today’s more minimalist, modern decorations are so fresh and inviting… embroidery hoop wreaths, handmade ornaments, and yes, macrame.

I love tabletop trees worked into sweet vignettes. My past favorites are one adorned with my childhood tea set and another made from bare branches displaying my handmade Ukrainian eggs. But this year has been busy for me, and I don’t have time to dig through multiple boxes of old decorations or hand make new intricate ones. That’s why I love the idea of this simple, quick-to-make macrame tree.

supplies needed

  • paper mache cone – 23″ height and 6″ base diameter
  • white spray paint, cream and copper craft paint, & sea sponge
  • cotton cording – (approx. 4-6 mm size, suitable for belts or key chains)
  • tape – scotch or masking
  • scissors
  • heavy duty thread & beads for embellishment

Now that you’ve got your supplies gathered, you’ll have to visit the lovely Tinselbox blog for the complete tutorial I wrote as a guest post. 

Once the macrame part was done, I had great fun embellishing this little tree. I attached beads to the bottom tassels and used a glittery stag’s head as the topper. I also draped a garland of crystal baubles around the cone, as well as a strand of copper star wire.

macrame tabletop christmas tree -

macrame tabletop christmas tree -


The beauty of this tree is that you can give it your own special touches, using favorite ornaments and decorations. (Colored buttons instead of beads would lend a whimsical, folksy flavor.) Also, the macrame cover slides off and on easily, if you decide to repaint the cone for a different vignette.

If you liked this project, join me for my 3rd annual Handmade Christmas Challenge! There’s lots more fun and funk to come this season! Coming November 10!

handmade christmas challenge -

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  1. You are definitely the macrame queen. This tree is such a gorgeous idea to add a bit of boho into Christmas.

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