marimekko fall arrangement

marimekko fall arrangement

Every woman has her Kryptonite, whether a weakness for fresh flowers, or designer shoes, or (as in my case) beautiful textiles and prints. From Kaffe Fasset to Orla Kiely to (my favorite) Marimekko – I am drawn to unique and interesting patterns. That’s why, when asked to create a rockin’ fall DIY for Tinselbox, I couldn’t go the traditional route. I had to toss in a little Finnish funk with one of Marimekko’s iconic motifs. 

I needed paper napkins for this project and had my heart set on an orange and pink Unikko design. However, I couldn’t find them anywhere. What’s a woman to do? Order them from Finland. Simple paper napkins but in a bold, exciting print. My Kryptonite. 

Ready to add a little fun to your next Fall pumpkin arrangement?

Several years ago, a friend gave me a rustic Christmas centerpiece – a black wooden planter filled with greenery and lights. Just a bit too country for my taste, but I love my friend and wanted to use this thoughtful gift. There’s one mantra in craftland. There’s very little a can of spray paint can’t fix. 

So, I painted the wooden container white. Then I brought out another powerful weapon in my crafting arsenal – Mod Podge. Along with my happy little napkins from Finland. 

Once the planter was transformed, I added mini pumpkins, but only after I painted a few of them with pops of yellow and pink.

I couldn’t resist adding some tiny, hanging pumpkins, as well. I’ve made these before, and they always provide an unexpected touch to any Autumn vignette. All you need is some fun craft paper (my print and pattern fetish again), a hole punch, twine, and copper brads. Full instructions for making them can be found in my complete article at Tinselbox.  

marimekko fall arrangement

Finally, I assembled all my fabulous Fall finds into a simple vignette, perfect for a porch or hallway. 

marimekko fall arrangement

Who says adding a punch of Marimekko to your seasonal decor isn’t fabulous? Even Jackie Kennedy wore Marimekko dresses in the White House, proving that color and whimsy are as much an enduring classic as Audrey Hepburn’s pearls.

So go ahead, paint your pumpkins, put on your pearls, and enjoy the fall festivities.

Please note: For detailed instructions for this whimsical vignette, read the entire post at Tinselbox

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  1. You know I going to love this just because it’s Marimekko! Who knew that the Unikko print now comes in an Autumn orange. Your paper pumpkins are super sweet too. I love the whole fall vignette.

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