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When Augusten Burroughs had his first book, Running with Scissors, published in 2010, I read it. And I loved it. His memoir is funny yet sad. Delightful yet disturbing. And his writing is simply this – captivating.

When I learned recently that Burroughs has had a second memoir published, I didn’t hesitate to buy it. And devour it. And I fell in love with Augusten Burroughs all over again.

Dry is an autobiographical tale of the author’s struggle with alcohol addiction. Publishers Weekly describes it like this. “Burroughs’s slight Southern accent and gentle yet glib delivery should summon empathy on the listener’s part that may have been lost with another reader. From Minnesota, Burroughs returns to New York and participates in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. …Burroughs believes that when rehab is over, he must walk into a bar to see if he can resist the temptation to drink. Though not a technique condoned by A.A., it certainly makes for a fascinating listening experience.” 

My take on Dry is simply this. If you are drawn to books about alcohol recovery, this memoir will make you think. If you have a slightly sarcastic or dark sense of humor, this book will make you laugh. If you have a heart for those who are lost or lonely or sad, this book will endear you. And if you respect the cleverly crafted written word, Burrough’s talent will blow you away. 

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