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A strange little book to review here on my DIY happy blog, I know. But This Naked Mind is such a spectacular book and resource for anyone struggling with alcohol demons, that I wanted to include it in my reviews in case someone out there may benefit. First, you gotta understand that my library is filled with self-help books, ranging in subjects from compulsive hand washing to divorce. I am neither divorced nor a compulsive hand washer; I’m just nerdy and read a lot of informative nonfiction. And I’m so glad I stumbled upon this book, because it offers a perspective on slaying the alcohol dragon that I’ve never, ever heard before.

Ready to hear more? I’ll give you what I consider the pros and cons of this book. The cons? It is a bit technical in some places, with in-depth explanations written in psychological jargon. The content is also quite repetitive, but there is a solid reason for this. The author is trying to infuse you with new beliefs about alcohol. This makes perfect sense, as the premise of the book is to re-learn the perception you (society) has towards drinking. By the time you finish the last page in this book, you’ve been indoctrinated with a new way of thinking.

The pros? Easy. This book’s thesis is that society has “taught” us a specific perception about drinking. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to change our belief when every signal we receive from society is contradictory.  Annie Grace doesn’t just tell you to stop drinking cold turkey, nor does she propose a plan to drink in moderation. Instead, she educates. She gives you facts, and she deconstructs all the misinformation you’ve been given your whole life. She gently guides you to a decision point; and even then, she warns that your journey to stop drinking is just that – a journey. A process. But she empowers you to choose it. 

My thoughts? If anyone is struggling with his decision to drink, whether it is in excess or not, he should read this book. End of story. 


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  1. Looks an interesting read – I’ve always thought that, when you really think about it, it’s pretty mindboggling that drinking alcohol (and in excess) is so widely condoned – when it has such a strong effect. I guess it’s all cultural in the end.
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    1. thanks for your response. It’s kind of a technical read but very good and makes a lot of sense. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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