wardrobe architect 2016

wardrobe architect 2016 with myfrenchtwist.com

You may have heard of Wardrobe Architect. Colette Patterns first launched this challenge in 2014 to encourage sewists to design and make their own capsule wardrobes for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. For the past two years, many creative minds have taken up the challenge, and in 2016… I’m jumping on board!

Follow along with me each Monday as I learn my core style, explore shapes and silhouettes, build a repertoire of patterns I love, and curate a capsule wardrobe that best reflects who I am. It’ll be fun! We’ll discover budding Indie pattern designers and some very cool fabric sources along the way.

January wardrobe architect 2016WEEK 1 – YOUR CORE STYLE:  Uncover your natural fashion preferences & how they contribute to your confidence. Worksheet 1 

WEEK 2 – YOUR ICONIC SELF:  Learn to sculpt your own signature look by discovering your style icons and why they inspire you. Worksheet 2

WEEK 3 – SHAPES: Get in touch with shapes that make you feel good & flatter your body. Worksheet 3

WEEK 4 – SILHOUETTES: By putting shapes together into different proportions, create the silhouettes you feel best wearing. 

closet clean out - myfrenchtwist.com  

WEEK 5 – BASIC GEAR: Learn what classic wardrobe basics should be found in every woman’s closet. Basic Gear Checklist

WEEK 6 – TAKING INVENTORY: Time for the big closet clean out. Take thoughtful inventory of what to keep and what to toss. Inventory Worksheet

WEEK 7 – CAREFULLY CURATED: Determine the pieces you want to comprise your capsule wardrobe for spring & summer.

WEEK 8 – COLOR STORY: Create a color palette for your capsule wardrobe, using hues to which you are naturally drawn.

WEEK 9 – NARROWING THE PALETTE: Narrow down your favorite colors to a core palette, with specific wardrobe pieces in mind. Your capsule wardrobe is about to come to life!

your sewing strategy - myfrenchtwist.comWEEK 10 – PLANNING YOUR PROJECTS: This week assess your needs, determine which garments you will purchase and which you will be sewing for your Spring capsule wardrobe.

WEEK 11 – PATTERN COLLECTING: Begin the big pattern hunt. Explore Indie pattern designers, Japanese sewing books, as well as mainstream companies.

WEEK 12 – FABRIC SHOPPING: Learn the best online stores for modern fabric, showcasing textile designers such as Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Pat Bravo, and more. 

WEEK 13 – LET THE SEWING BEGIN: More runway projects ready to go!


I’m the type of person that likes nicely tied bows on all packages. You know, type A, list-maker. Unfortunately, life has a way of interrupting our best intentions. I’ve not yet finished all my Spring/Summer capsule garments, but nonetheless I learned a great deal from my first attempt at this Wardrobe Architect challenge. I now put much more thought into my wardrobe curation. Shapes matter. Textures add interest. And the list goes on…

I’m still working on finishing my runway projects, so I’ll be sure to post them when I’m done. However, if you think you want to try Colette’s Wardrobe Architect challenge, I’d wholeheartedly encourage you. It was great fun and a powerful learning experience!