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gingham style - my french twist

Because I’m in the midst of Indie Pattern Month sponsored by The Monthly Stitch (and loving it, I might add!), I intended to look around and find a sewing challenge for July sponsored by a different entity. But what can I say? When I saw that The Monthly Stitch is tempting its readers to make something check or plaid for July, I stopped cold in my tracks. I LOVE GINGHAM. So this is the challenge for me.

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Perhaps my love for gingham stems from my childhood. The very first garment I made was a nightgown out of baby blue large gingham. I remember the straight easy seams, the snap I carefully stitched to the back of the neckline, and the endless patience of my mother. I also remember a pair of store-bought bell bottom trousers (a rarity for me to have something bought, not sewn!) when I was a teenager. They were a tiny black and white houndstooth polyester, and they made me look very, very groovy – I’m sure of it. So you see, my love for checks started early, and I’m still drawn to this clean linear pattern. And the beauty of gingham is that it works in every fashion mode, from dresses to coats to even shoes!

gingham style - my french twistI’d love to hear your thoughts on this! I’m sure all of you must have a memory of something gingham. And join me in this challenge, too! I’ve got something up my sleeve, but right now I’ve got another project to finish for Indie Pattern Month. So many ideas, so little time.

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