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Handmade Matters

If you’ve ever considered taking your craft idea to the wholesale market but are not sure where to start, this book is for you. See how I grew my cottage craft industry into a national brand, reaching sales of $2 million my second year in business. I share industry savvy and secrets as well as mistakes I made along the way.

I share my journey of designing, producing and wholesaling my wares to gift stores throughout the country. Chapters cover the following topics: the science of merchandising, growing sales through agencies and showrooms, branding, and hiring talented personnel for your C-suite.

I also covers basics on production, should you decide to plant your manufacturing roots in American soil. Many visionaries enter the manufacturing scene with no production background or the confidence needed to run a factory. Countless books exist on the dynamics of selling, but few on the subject of manufacturing basics for start-up companies. Come along for the journey, as I share my experiences and give you a peek inside the wholesale gift industry.


shop my books - EveryWoman's Guide to Marathoning -
The EveryWoman’s Guide to Marathoning

This book was first published in 2006 and is currently no longer in print. Nonetheless, there are a few copies floating available by internet booksellers, and I promise it will not disappoint. 

In my forties, I decided to check running a marathon off my bucket list, and I did it without wearing a fanny pack or fuel belt loaded with 17 bottles of Gatorade. I did it with determination and sense of humor. And despite sounding cliche, it was truly a life-changing endeavor.

“Written for first-timers to experienced women marathoners, The EveryWoman’s Guide to Marathoning combines an effective training schedule with inspirational stories of everyday women and how they got from sofa to sidewalk to marathon finish line. With chapters covering equipment basics to raceday timing, The EveryWoman’s Guide will make you laugh and lift your spirits every step of the way.” – Palandech Publications Group