superbowl wine bag

superbowl wine bag

If you eat, live and breathe football, then chances are you aren’t reading my blog. But if your favorite part of football season is buying a sexy NFL jersey that will compliment your new boots and bringing a cute tablecloth to the tailgating parties, then chances are you’ll love what I’m about to show you. Superbowl LII is almost here, but this year you don’t have to fret over which recipe to bring to the showdown. Just pick up a bottle of wine and gift it in this very cool DIY wine bag.

supplies needed

  • two pieces of sturdy cotton fabric, each cut 18″ x 14″
  • green and white fabric paint
  • letter stencils
  • 1 yard narrow ribbon
  • wooden button

step 1 – sewing

Fold one piece of the fabric in half (long ways) so it measures 18″ x 7″.  Stitch a half inch seam along the long edge. Do this for the second piece of fabric as well. Press seams open.

Place one  piece inside the second piece, with right sides together, and stitch along the top. Trim seam.

superbowl wine bag

Next, pull the inside bag out so the bag’s two pieces are wrong sides together. Press the top edge. 

About 2.5″ down from the top, stitch around the bag. (Using a small arm on your machine is helpful.) Then stitch another seam about 1″ below that one, forming a casing (wide enough to fit your ribbon.)

superbowl wine bag

Gently open the seam in the area inside the casing. 

superbowl wine bag

step 2 – painting

Press the bag before painting. Slide a piece of cardboard underneath the top layer of the front of the bag, to prevent paint from seeping through.

superbowl wine bag

Using a stencil, paint the Roman letters LII with green fabric paint on the bag front.

superbowl wine bag

Once dry, I painted white detailing on the letters to resemble yardage lines on a football field.

superbowl wine bag

step 3 – closing the bottom

After the paint dries, turn the bag inside out. Stitch along the bottom of the bag; trim. Next, fold the bottom seam open and stitch along the two edges, as shown in the photo below. This will create a flat bottom to hold the wine bottle. Turn bag right side out.

superbowl wine bag

step 4 – finishing

Press the bag a final time. Then run your ribbon through the casing. I adorned my ribbon with a wooden button I painted.  And there you have it… the perfect accessory for your superbowl outfit – this clever little wine bag!

football button

superbowl wine bag

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superbowl wine bag

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  1. Is it really bad that as an English person I don’t actually know what the Superbowl LII is ? I’ve heard of the Superbowl of course but the LII bit? no idea!
    This is a great tutorial though and this idea could be used for any event sporting or not – brilliant!

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