upcycled football vase

upcycled football vase

With Superbowl nearing, this DIY project is one that will even make Tom Brady proud. Yep, I deflated a football. Then I upcycled it into a very cool vase to use as a centerpiece for my Superbowl party. Here’s how it all went down.

supplies needed

  • football
  • glass vase (about 10″ tall)
  • scissors
  • flowers

step 1 – deflating the ball

This step is simple – just cutting the ends off a football, but I like pegging it “deflating the ball,” because I really hate the Patriots. (Sorry, New Englanders.) If you have an old football that you can upcycle, go for it. I think some wear & tear on it will give it a cool vintage vibe. However, I just picked a new one up at Target for less than $10.

upcycled football vaseNext, I placed the vase upside down on one end of the ball and marked the opening. (The photo shows a cup instead of a vase, which would work fine.) Using a pair of scissors, I then cut along the lines. Once I had cut through the outer layer, I deflated and removed the rubber liner.

upcycled football vase

upcycled football vase

step 2 – cutting the bottom

Now cut about 3″ off the bottom of the ball in the same fashion. 

step 3 – inserting the vase

I first tried using a large plastic cup as a vase but later found an inexpensive glass vase at Michael’s. I inserted the vase into the football shell through the largest opening (top). It’s okay to remove a few stitches from the top of the seams of the ball to better fit the vase.

step 4 – add flowers

Fill the vase with water and add flowers. Don’t worry if the top is not cut perfectly straight or if the vase is taller than the ball, as you can add more flowers to flow over the top. 

upcycled football vaseupcycled football vaseLike this idea? Please share to Pinterest!

upcycled football vase

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