what i’m digging in february

digging in february

Unless you’re spending the winter months somewhere south & sunny, you’re counting down the days until Spring. And what better way to spend those long, chilly February days than crafting! I’ve come across a few tools that will revolutionize your craft studio. Just take a look at what I’m digging this month. (This post contains affiliate links.)

pom pom maker

Ever wonder how crafters get those perfectly shaped yarn pom poms for all these cool projects? It’s actually VERY EASY with this pom pom maker by Maypluss. It enables you to make pom poms in 4 different sizes. And… it’s only $6.99. 

craft tools

yarn bowl

I know you’ve seen pictures of these clever yarn bowls before, but let me assure you they are even move beautiful in person. Some are quite expensive (over $40), but I found one by Craft Mamas that is a lovely rosewood bowl for only $24. I gave it to my son’s girlfriend for Christmas, and it was a big hit. Very practical, extremely sturdy, and oh so lovely. 

craft tools

small parts organizer

This next item may seem a bit baffling, but this little tabletop small parts organizer has been the MOST USED ITEM in my craft room for years. I use it to hold all my sewing notions: needles, machine parts, snaps, buttons, etc. It has organized my sewing better than any other storage system I’ve used. In fact, I loved this little organizer so much that my son (when he was young) begged for one to hold all his tiny Lego parts. Kind of creepy once we had it labeled (arms, legs, heads, weapons) but it served the purpose! Another thing: I shopped for another one recently and had surprising trouble finding one. I browsed tool sections, fishing sections, you name it. So I’m very excited to have found some on Amazon. Trust me, they are ideal.

versa cart

You’re probably wondering why I’m suggesting this next item – a rolling cart – but hear me out. THIS CART ROCKS. I first bought it because I downsized from the suburbs to a condo in the city. It folds up like an umbrella stroller and is easy to keep in my car. I primarily used it for bringing in shopping bags and groceries. Then… I rented an art studio. I’m constantly lugging craft supplies (even lumber!) to my studio. And this little cart works wonderfully. Talk about study – I’m constantly amazed at how much stuff I can load into my Versa Cart. MAKES MY LIFE EASIER.

craft tools

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  1. The small parts organizer can also be found at The Container Store. They have other options in addition to the one pictured.

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