about me

about me profile pictureI guess you could say I’m a compilation of many things. A daughter of the south, an avid Francophile, with a little Grateful Dead from my college years sprinkled in. I grew up in a century old house under the shade of a grand Magnolia tree in rural southern Virginia. When my sisters were listening to Beach Boys records, I was designing clothes for Malibu Barbie.  

I received a BA in English from University of Richmond. It was there that I met my husband Regis and fell in love with all things French. We reared our two sons in a typical suburban existence in northern Kentucky. Now we’re on a different journey. We traded in our 7,000 square foot McMansion for a taste of inner-city living in a small condo in Covington, just a stone’s throw across the river from Cincinnati. We are now among the rising multitudes of minimalists growing vegetables on their rooftops, riding fume-free bicycles and learning to knit our own sweaters. And one other thing. Somewhere along the way, I developed an uncontrollable fetish for pugs. 

about me pug fetish
An early attempt at photo editing!

 the marathon

It’s true. In my mid-forties (yikes!) I ran my first marathon, the Flying Pig in Cincinnati. Not only did I run all 26.2 miles of it, but I did it without an embarrassing fanny pack or a fuel belt loaded with 17 bottles of Gatorade! It was so life-changing, I even wrote a book about it, The EveryyWoman’s Guide to Marathoning. This book does include a training schedule, but it is more inspirational than technical. Don’t worry if you’re a couch potato; I was too! 

the business

In 2007 I launched my own company, It’s a Wrap Ideas, which started as a cottage industry but quickly grew into a nationwide wholesaler of beautiful handmade and embroidered items. I mostly sold to independent boutiques, but some of my larger customers included Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn. Having sold my company in 2014, I’m now busy completing all those personal projects placed on the “back burner.” Hence, my year of making beautiful things.


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