coolest laundry room diys ever

laundry room diys

Besides a mega cup of coffee and the courage to enter, your laundry room may be in need of a few other things – especially some of these sweet DIYs. Seriously, these are some crazy functional ideas that will add some organization to your laundry routine. Check them out.

lost socks solution

I love this sign from 100 Things 2 Do. Put those single socks where you can see them! Remember, out of sight, out of mind. 

laundry room diys

ironing board mounting hooks

Yeah, yeah… you can just buy an ironing board wall mount contraption from anywhere, but would it be nearly as cute and clean looking as these hooks?

laundry room diys
Photo via Over the Big Moon

mini tabletop ironing board

If you don’t have room for a full size ironing board, check out this easy tutorial from A Crafty Fox for a small tabletop version. Don’t have time to make one? You can pick up one here (this is my favorite, because you can still hang it up on cute hooks when folded.) 

laundry room diys

note-taking made easy

Probably the best laundry tip I’ve ever seen. I’m stocking my laundry room with some dry-erase markers today (on the probably chance that after 30+ years of marriage my husband will do a load of laundry & need extra instructions. Uh, huh.)

landry room diys
Photo source unknown.

angled shelf for baskets

If you’re short on space, just borrow this crazy good tip from Hold On To Your Hats. Simply flip a wire shelf upside down, then mount it at an angle to hold all your laundry baskets. 

laundry room diys

industrial letters

Use a combination of wooden and metal letters to add an industrial touch to your laundry room. Check out the full tutorial from Joann Fabrics.

laundry room diys

hidden storage solution

Why have I never thought to do this? This is a clever and easy way to add more storage from In My Own Style.

laundry room diys

let your baskets do the talking

Why settle for boring laundry baskets when you can make these adorable ones? This seagrass basket from Amazon is a perfect choice for this project by Studio DIY

laundry room

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laundry room diys


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