copper pipe candelabra

copper pipe candelabra -

Industrial candelabras made from copper piping is one trend onto which I have to jump aboard – with no hesitation. They’re funky and artistic, and they are also incredibly easy to make!

Supplies needed:

  • various lengths of 3/4″ copper pipe
  • pipe cutter 
  • 6 elbow fittings
  • 5 tee fittings
  • metal sandpaper

copper pipe candelabra -

step 1 – pipe cutting

Using a pipe cutter is so much easier than I ever imagined (and believe me, after drilling though cement for a past project, I was prepared to drag out my safety goggles and sports bra.) This technique, however, required nothing more than an inexpensive pipe cutter (about $17 at the hardware store.) 

The lengths needed for this project are as follows:  five 7″ pieces and nine 4″ pieces. After cutting, I used the metal sandpaper to gently sand away any burrs.

step 2 – polishing

This step is optional, but I like the pinkish hue caused by polishing. I first polished the pipe and fittings with copper polish, then washed them with dish soap and water. Over time, the pink tone will fade into the more traditional copper color.

copper pipe candelabra -

step 3 – arranging

You can copy the arrangement I used or you can build your own. Note: the very cool thing about this project is that you can easily disassemble the pieces and build a new arrangement for different tablescapes and vignettes. No glue is needed. Simply piece the pipes and fittings together.

For the left side, I used the configuration below:

copper pipe candelabra -

For the right side, I used a similar arrangement below:

copper pipe candelabra -

For the center piece, I used two 4″ pieces of pipe and a tee fitting.

copper pipe candelabra -

Next, join the 3 assembled parts as shown:

copper pipe candelabra -

copper pipe candelabra -

Keep in mind, this is a flat view. Once the candelabra is upright, all the pieces are movable and can be manipulated to suit your vignette. 

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copper pipe candelabra -

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  1. Your candelabra looks lovely, I love the different heights you have created with the copper pipes. What a lovely fun center piece.

    1. Haha. Well I still say cool but I’m a bit of an old school hippie! Lol the copper pipe idea is not original but I love the look.

  2. I really like these! How did you ever come up with this idea! They look very pretty on your table. Thank you for sharing them at Party in Your PJ’s. Pinned!

    1. Penny, I didn’t leave it in a straight line. I zig-zagged the candelabra (if that makes sense) and it was extremely stable! That’s the beauty of it, the pieces are movable and it can be manipulated. It’s very secure!

  3. Being a contractor, I could never live with copper pipes on my table where their so easily seen! Different strokes for different folks as they say and if this is something someone likes there’s nothing wrong with it! But for myself if I was to use this copper piping I would have to decorate the pipe somehow to make it look different in some way other then a copper pipe sitting on my table. Certainly a good idea, just needs some spit and polish to either make the pipe look differently or cover the pipe in a fabric or wood to pretty it up more somehow? A+ for design and enginuity regardless!

    1. lol.. I totally understand! But it the industrial touch I’m going for! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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