handmade christmas challenge week 3: skirt the issue

week 3 handmade christmas - myfrenchtwist.com

week 3 handmade christmas - myfrenchtwist.com
The tree is often the main focus of our Christmas decorating, so why would we spend countless hours adorning it then in a matter of seconds toss the same old skirt under it year after year? The tree skirt should be viewed as an extension of the tree, an important component of the entire vignette. But my aunt made it for me. Fine, but do you love it? It’s been in our family for generations. Okay, use it under a kids’ tree in another room. We’ve always used that skirt! (once again) Do you love it? 

Don’t be afraid of change. Here’s your chance to work an artistic new tree skirt into your holiday theme. It doesn’t mean you have to let go of special memories. If your old skirt is packed with memories but has seen better days, make into a big, comfy pillow to throw on a favorite reading chair during the holidays. 

To get you started, I’ve rounded up some inspo. Think about your theme. Browse through magazines or the internet. Think outside of the box. It may not even be a traditional skirt that catches your eye. Perhaps you have a little antique table or an old urn that would make a clever container for your Christmas tree.

variety of tree skirts with myfrenchtwist.com
If you decide you want to try your hand at making a tree skirt, here are a few more ideas. There are so many mediums that can be used, from luxurious velvet to an upcycled painter’s dropcloth! How about crocheting using a strand of lights? One year I simply wrapped an antique kilim rug around the base of my tree, giving it an old-world feel. 

tree skirt materials with myfrenchtwist.com

Another useful tip when setting up your Christmas tree is this. Your tree does not have to be over 7 feet tall to be beautiful. Some of the most artistic trees I’ve seen have been small table-top ones. Martha Stewart popularized the dainty little feather tree, reminiscent of the 19th century ones from Germany, which were actually the first artificial trees to emerge. 

We are lucky, because today stores offer a wide variety of tree sizes, even tall narrow ones that work well if space is a concern.  A helpful trick to elongate smaller trees is to place them a step stool or small bench. Then simply cover the base with loose fabric, draping it from the bottom of the tree all the way to the floor, with gracious puddles on which to place the gifts. I did this one year using a deep wine colored fabric. Then I decorated the tree and also wrapped all the gifts in shades of turquoise and celery. Against the wine, the colors looked amazing!

What will I be doing this year?

My French Twist’s craft challenge for October is to make something with felt, so I’ve decided on felt for a new tree skirt. This was my original inspiration. I adore the sweet detailing with the petaled flowers. (Click on the photo to see a tutorial for this skirt by Uncommon Designs.)

felt skirt

Then I ran across this pillow in a Pottery Barn catalog and changed gears. The funky ball fringe against the simple felt spoke to me, and with the colors I have in mind for tree decorations, I need a subtle skirt that will also help to highlight my mercury glass theme.


I’ll post my finished tree skirt soon. Intended to have it made by today, but life gets in the way! Walmart has huge rolls of felt for sale, and I’ve been eyeing this dark charcoal. So stay tuned…

P.S. everyone!… I finished it!

boho felt christmas tree skirt with myfrenchtwist.com

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