indie pattern month this june 2015 – join me

indie pattern month contest - my french twist

indie pattern month contest - my french twist

For those of you who need a little motivation to get back to your sewing machine, here it is! The Monthly Stitch is hosting Indie Pattern Month 2015 in June. I’ve not participated before, but I plan to dive in this year. It consists of 4 different challenges, one each week, so pick one and join me, will ya? I’m thinking of the Dresses and/or the New to Me challenge.

Check out The Monthly Stitch to learn more about the contests, rules, all the great sponsors, and of course the prizes! I’ll post more in a few days about all the clever Indie pattern companies out there and what exactly “indie” means. This is new for me, too, so let’s trek this journey together. And keep me posted on your thoughts and plans!

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