items you’d never think to macrame – what tutorial would you like next?

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Plant hangers are cool, okay. And they are great macrame beginner projects. But let’s face it. How many plants can you hang in your house? 

Worry not, sister. If you’re as obsessed with this popular trend as I am, there are ample projects that could and should be made in macrame. Especially when you see how crazy adorable they are. Just take a peek at this bassinet…

macrame items -

Have I got your attention now? Good. Grab your chai tea, mocha latte, or glass of wine, and get ready to be inspired.

Ever thought of a macrame yoga mat strap? Simple, functional, and very cute…

macrame yoga strap -
By Yanyula on Etsy

Or a vintage inspired belt?

macrame items -
By RelinquishedAntiquity on Etsy

And this is my favorite – a clever way to hide exposed cords!

macrame pendant -
Rope pendant via Rennes

Confident enough to try a larger project? Woven runners look stunning on rustic tabletops.

macrame runner -
Photo via Homevibes

Feeling a bit more daring? Why not a lampshade?

macrame items -
Found at PBteen

And macrame curtains rock, totally…

But don’t stop there; macrame is perfect for screens or room dividers.

Now brace yourself for another project on my personal to-do list… a headboard!

macrame headboard -
Photo via Urban Outfitters

And there’s so much more inspiration out there; I’m feeling dizzy. Rugs, placemats, cots…

Well, I think I’ve given you lots to ponder. But no great article is complete without an impressive finale, so here’s one last image to help stir your creative juices. Almost makes me want to have another baby (almost). 

macrame -
By Polka Knot on Etsy

SO HERE’S THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION… i’d love your opinion on what macrame project I should tackle next. And I’ll post it here with a detailed, easy-to-follow tutorial. YOUR THOUGHTS, PLEASE! Just comment here on my blog or email  

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Hi, I'm Wendy. Southern by birth, Francophile by marriage, bohemian by nature, and minimalist by choice. Check out and join me in a year of making beautiful things.

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  1. Hi Wendy
    I would like you to do a tutorial on a table path and a curtain in macramé. Thank you very much.
    I am Maria living in Buenos Aires Argentina. regards

  2. The lampshade is beautiful, but I guess what I’m most interested in learning to make are wall hangings. Thank you for your tutorials!

  3. Hi,
    This is Neeti from Mumbai, India. Love Ur work, it’s crazy the stuff you have made, can’t think right now about what else you can do with macrame. I want to learn!
    Nice visual treat! Thanks,

  4. LOVE your window covering above the sink!! Sooo pretty!!! Actually LOVE them all!!!! I did some macrame years ago, would’nt take me long to catch on again. SO, anything would be GREAT!!!

  5. The window covering is gorgeous, my kitchen window needs something like that! I’d love to see a tutorial for that one. Also, the table runner is lovely.

  6. I have been obsessing over that PBteen macrame chanelier since I stumbled upon it a few months ago. . I’ve actually tried it, but for some reason when I do it it gets sort of pinched in in the middle. I’d absolutely love a tutorial for it. Thanks!

  7. I love the table runner but I’ve been on the hunt for a macrame tassel tutorial. I’ve seen some really cool intricate vintage German ones. I love the look and I am struggling to find any tutorials.

  8. If not a tutorial, would you please tell what size cord was used for the window curtain? I’ve been searching for a macrame design just like this one. Perfecto! Thanks so much!

    1. My guess would be they used cotton rope no smaller than 3/16″. You could go just a tad bigger, but not much. They sell a clothesline rope 3/16″ on amazon at a great price as well. I use it for most of my projects. Hope this helps!

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  10. It has always been a personal dream of mine to make a macrame chair, and the swing in the last image looked incredible!

    I would also love love love a yoga mat strap tutorial, or a tutorial for a circular macrame rug.

    1. thanks for the input. I plan to post a macrame tutorial at least once each month, so check in frequently to see!

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  12. Love your work. I am having trouble with the half hitch for diamonds, could you do one without fingers in the way and slowly, Please. Sorry to be a pain but I cannot find one that is clear.

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