1. I loved making macrame plant hangers in the 70’s. I’ve rediscovered it recently and I’m loving it again! Your wall hanging is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Oh my goodness that is so beautiful.
    Thank you for stopping by and sharing at #HandmadeMonday we are really please to have you join us and share something so pretty.

  3. Cassi

    This is amazing!! Im just wondering what the height of the final creation would end up at? Im looking to make something for my daughters room and this is so stunning, just not sure if it will be too long. Thank you and thanks for sharing!

    • The woven project is about 22″ wide and 48 ” tall. You can always shorten it to suit your needs. It would still look cute without such long tails.😊

  4. wow you are so talented! I love that these are making a come back! They remind me of when I was a kid 😉 oh and you were our most clicked on link at Waste not Wednesday so you will be featured in our posts this week!

  5. This is really cool! I’ve never actually done macrame, but it reminds me of the friendship bracelets I used to make as a kid. Thanks for sharing this at #HomeMattersParty

  6. Sydney s

    I appreciate all the work you put in5o making this possible. Did it at home and it’s beautiful

    • It’s always so heartwarming to receive comments like yours. I’m sooo glad someone put the tutorial to use! Would love to see a pic! thanks!!!
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  7. Failedmacramemaker

    Hey, We have been trying to follow your directions but it seems there may be steps missing as we have followed step by step twice and still missing some of the pattern. Can you please help…. We can send a photo. lol


  8. Laura

    Hi! I am currently in step 4 of this project and I’ve double checked my work so far, I am one cord short for the 2nd knot on the end of the row! Don’t know what to do! Please help!!

  9. Audrey

    Loved this hanging. How would i go about making it 2x as wide and 1/3 % shorter?

    • Hi Audrey, Glad you liked the wallhanging pattern. To make it wider and shorter, I suggest just duplicating the pattern a second time. So instead of starting with 28 rope pieces, you would start with 56. Shortening the hanging is easy. Just stop weaving when you get it to the desired length. If you need me to write out a second pattern for you to follow, I will. Just let me know!

  10. Anonymous

    Hi Wendy, i admire your work.. being a beginner right now i can only dream to make somethşng like this.. but i will try.. can you tel me what length of a finished work will a 16ft cord make… i mean if i want to make a piece 50 inches long what should be the cord measurement..
    Thank you..

    • The wallhanging in this tutorial ended up being 48″ long, and I started with rope pieces 16 feet each. It depends on how many rows of knots you have. I would suggest using rope cut into 17 ft. pieces just to give you a little extra to work with. Hope this helps!
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