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patio lights - my french twist

patio lights - my french twist

I can’t take full credit for this brilliant little hack, because I first saw this idea of transforming a dollar store flower pot into a patio lantern on The Art of Doing Things. Not only is this project easy and adorable, it’s inexpensive. The only supplies needed are plastic flower pots, spray paint, chain, S-hooks, velcro strips, and battery-operated LED lights.

DIY patio lights - My French Twist

My mind has been racing with all kinds of ways to decorate the plastic “shades,” from spraying them with mirror paint to decoupaging them with a graphic vintage fabric. Alas, I ended up finding some mustard yellow pots, and I used them just as they were. No painting necessary!

Often, flower pots will have drainage holes in the bottom. If not, flip the pot over and drill a small hole in the center bottom. Run the chain through the hole and secure the end with an S-hook to keep the pot in place. I bought my chain for just a few cents from Home Depot. Attach a second S-hook to the other end of the chain for hanging.

Lastly, attach the light to the inside of the pot with Command velcro strips. Just push the button on the light to switch it on, and you have some beautiful downward ambient lighting for your patio… for less than $7 per light. Plants, check. Patio lanterns, check. Now just waiting on my furniture to arrive!

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