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paint chip calendar4 -

paint chip calendar4 -

I just love craft ideas for which I can take all the credit and ownership, but I also love trying my hand at all the clever DIY projects floating around in cyberspace. What would we do without Pinterest?

For instance, I’ve been eyeing lots of cute paint chip calendars for some time. I’m also in need of a big, easy-to-use wall calendar for my beach condo. What can I say? This craft project is calling my name. (Besides, my hubby owns a painting company, so I have endless access to paint sample books.) 

If you’ve been following my Midcentury Modern Makeover series, you’d know I’m renovating a dated Florida condo into a modern nest. And yes, it is technically our “snowbird” retreat, which means we plan to spend 3 winter months there yearly. Hence, I’m in need of a 3-month wall calendar to help schedule visits from all our northern friends.

First, I selected the paint strips I wanted from a sample book. I decided to use 3 color waves, one for each month. Each strip showcased 7 paint blocks, one for each day of the week.

paint chip calendar -

Secondly, I trimmed each strip, using a paper cutter. I tried to cut most of the writing off the strip.

paint chip calendar -

Next, I bought a ready-to-use frame from Michael’s. I thought a simple white one would give a modern look. I then cut a piece of white posterboard to fit the frame. I glued the paint strips to the posterboard, arranging them in 3 color blocks.

paint chip calendar -

After putting the frame back together, all I need to do is to buy a black dry-erase pen. Months, days, and even additional notes can be added to the calendar as needed (just write on top of the glass – it wipes off easily!)  

paint chip calendar -

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  1. Great idea! You did a really nice job with this and it’s going to look great in your condo. Have fun being a snowbird!

  2. Such a great and colorful idea. I can see using this in other ways as well. but as a vacation rental owner, I have dry erase calendars in the closets for the housekeepers and I like to have one in my office…I like this much better than the plane white ones.

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