handmade christmas 2016

handmade christmas challenge 2016what is it?  

Welcome to my 2nd annual Handmade Christmas Challenge 2016! If you’re curious, take a few minutes to learn more about the 2015 challenge. Then join this year’s countdown and follow along every Monday for original inspirations, free printables to keep you organized, and a whole new way of keeping the season simple yet meaningful (and yes, a bit creative, too!)

This year I’ll be taking a minimalist approach to the upcoming holiday season. Don’t worry; I didn’t say boring. We’ll be taking a deep breath, preparing a bit ahead, and making faith and family the core of our plans. Why? Because “the ability to simplify means eliminating the unnecessary so the necessary may speak.” 

We are conditioned to believe that more is better. More presents under the tree. More parties to attend. The more guests the better. And in the fray, we often fail to hear the “necessary.” 

This Christmas, let’s listen more carefully.

the worksheets

Check out these free, printable worksheets. Save them in a binder creating your own Christmas manual to be used every year.