a handmade christmas challenge

 handmade christmas challengeWHAT IS IT?

When I think of my favorite Christmas season I’ve experienced with my husband and children, I recall one that was simple. We didn’t travel to spend it with family. It was just the four of us. No special fanfare. I can’t even remember Santa’s offerings or the holiday menu. I just remember it was simple. Lots of wintry evenings spent in sweatpants, watching Lifetime movies, making intricate Ukrainian eggs to be used as tree ornaments. Helping my boys fashion a rather crude little tree out of gumdrops to be used as our table centerpiece. How long it took me to stick hundreds of cranberries onto a wreath form with toothpicks, but how magnificently that jeweled wreath shone under the spotlight on my front door. I remember anticipation. I remember peace. 

I remember a handmade Christmas. 

So this year, I’m inviting you to join me in crafting a handmade holiday. You don’t have to attempt all the tasks I’ll be sharing, but hopefully you’ll be inspired to put your own signature stamp on the season. Hopefully you’ll be encouraged to create an ambiance that reflects the values in your home, not the ones displayed on store shelves. And hopefully you’ll be reminded to celebrate. 

Join the countdown and follow along every Monday with original inspirations, challenges, and free printables to keep you organized.

Make this Christmas your most creative one ever!


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Don’t forget – there’s free, printable worksheets along the way to help you organize & plan. Not only are they helpful, they can be saved in a binder to create your own Christmas manual to be used every year.